ISA is congratulating the new Precidency of the
Aufguss WM!

The GENERAL MEETING  of the association #AUFGUSS WM has elected a new  presidency on November 19th, 2019 in Poland:

President: Torsten Splanemann-Du Chesne   , Germany

Vice President: Lasse Eriksen                                    , Norway

Treasurer: René Kowatsch                                           ,Poland

Secretary: Rolf-A. Pieper                                               ,Germany

Observer: Martijn Vanhoorelbeke                          ,Belgium

In addition, the General Meeting worked on many topics for the next World Cup year.

We do report about 2020 soon! Rolf Pieper and Lasse Eriksen being both also Board Members of ISA are certainly keeping us informed.


SAUNALETTER  nr7 – 2019


Japan Sauna Festival  FES at Finland Village  September 20. – 21.
Japan´s largest Sauna Event


Japan’s largest sauna event where domestic famous saunners, sauna brands, and sauna-related companies gather together in the Finland Village!

“SAUNA FES JAPAN” was started on March 7, 2015 (Sauna Day) as a small event in Finland Village in Koumi-cho, Nagano Prefecture, where FSC (Finnish Sauna Club) members would enjoy “real saunas”.

Finland Village is located on the lakeside overlooking Yatsugatake mountains and the cool and quiet environment is just like Finland in Japan.

You can enjoy various saunas such as log house with genuine sauna imported directly from Finland, sauna kota, sauna toaster(sauna car), tent saunas and original pit smoke sauna built according to the original drawings from Risto Vuolle- Apiala.

more or from Risto

Sauna Herbal Cup November 21. – 24.11. in Aqualand Moravia Czech republic

We would like to invite you to the European final of Sauna Herbal Cup 2019 which is organised by Czech Association of Saunamasters and will take place in Aqualand Moravia in November 21-24. 

Since the beginning of this competition in 2013, we have been working on the increase of usage of natural products in sauna and we were the first competition in the world where we required 100% essential oils. Since 2016, the main competition is the relaxation “herbal” sauna ceremonies. The second main competition is the peeling procedure competition.

At present, we have several countries across the whole Europe which organise their national rounds and in November, during the European final, you will have the chance to see the best saunamasters – the winners from all national rounds from different European countries, their great shows, international jury members and many others…so don’t miss this chance!

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