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Saunaletter nr 1 – 2020


ISA is congratulating the new Precidency of the
Aufguss WM!

The GENERAL MEETING  of the association #AUFGUSS WM has elected a new  presidency on November 19th, 2019 in Poland:

President: Torsten Splanemann-Du Chesne   , Germany

Vice President: Lasse Eriksen                                    , Norway

Treasurer: René Kowatsch                                           ,Poland

Secretary: Rolf-A. Pieper                                               ,Germany

Observer: Martijn Vanhoorelbeke                          ,Belgium

In addition, the General Meeting worked on many topics for the next World Cup year.

We do report about 2020 soon! Rolf Pieper and Lasse Eriksen being both also Board Members of ISA are certainly keeping us informed.