Dec 10, 2021


Year 2021 is about to end. It has been very strange year like the previous one , too, because of the Covid 19. We were hoping in the autumn that the situation is becoming easier but just now it seems to be worse than ever in most of the countries.

The saunas are gain closed or at least do require special arrangements meaning economical etc. problems.

ISA was having Board Meeting in Wien end of October . Austrian Sauna Forum ÖSF was hosting the meeting and had been organising e.g. visits to some public bathing places with saunas. I would like to thank here ÖSF and it´s crew for excellent arrangements for the meeting.

The most important subject was related to the XVIII International Sauna Congress that is happening in Stuttgart 24. – 27.10.2022 in conjuction with INTERBAD exhibition at the Stuttgart Messe facilities. So one can visit the Congress as well as Interbad exhibition on a same trip.

The official webpage should be open also when this Saunaletter is distributed. And Naturally on the ISA webpage one can follow the information about the Congress, too. So please open . Naturally also information is available from ISA and SaunaBund . The contact data is on the web page.

It seems now that we are going to have a very Interesting Congress where global leading specialists are going to have their presentations.

We organise also Interesting visists to some manufacturers as well as saunas and spas and more information about those later.

We do also reserve in Stutgart one of the Bathing places for our use During the Congress. The basic agreement has been done.

We have also several options for the visitors to talk to each other as well as with the specialists we get to the Congress from different parts of the World.

This time we also concentrate to the economical matters and this is especially interesting because the manufacturers have this year 2021 as one of the best ever . The figures are interesting and do show a clear growth.

And at the same time public saunas in many countries have been closed for longer periods meaning big economical problems .

COVID 19 has been also initiating new research around heat and viruses and also ISA has been involved in that. We have been asking Dr. Rainer Brenke from Germany to do a basic research about literature etc. available about the above mentioned subject.

His report ” SAUNA,THERMISCHE REIZE UND ABWER VON INFEKTIONEN – STAND DES WISSENS UND WISSENDEFIZITE” was published before the Board meeting and we now wait for the translation into English so that it can be distributed to the members of ISA. The report in German is on the website of ISA now available. Also a short summary in English is there.

WE decided to establish a ”science group” to work further and the key people have been or are contacted in the near future in order to find out their interest.

The Board Meeting decided also to invite Mr. Perfect Sweat Mikkel Aaland as Honorary Member of ISA. As You know we have only one Honorary Member before Mikkel , Matti Kivinen from Finland.

Las Vegas opens event sauna

Blu spa Inc. and Design For Leisure ( Member of ISA) has created this first ever event sauna for AUFGUSS and sauna sessions for the public in USA. The 40 seater sauna is built by Klafs and is one of its kind in America and is a homage to the European Aufguss experience. This is seen as first in many coming to the US market and hopefully US gets more quality saunas for the public use in the future. Five new Aufguss Masters are trained and share the steamy passion with guests at the Awana Spa in Las Vegas.

See also the Pictures above.

More news etc. in the next Saunaletter in January when we know also more About the Congress.

We wish to all of You HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Naturally GOOD SAUNA SESSIONS and GOOD LÖYLY.


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