World Sauna Aid Moment

Feb 12, 2023

On Saturday 11 March 2023 the International Sauna Association (ISA) is inviting private sauna owners all over the world to host a sauna party and collect donations for Sauna Aid. Sauna Aid is a multicountry initiative, sponsored by the ISA to provide movable sauna facilities and supportive services to people facing natural and man-made disasters. Currently Sauna Aid is focused on helping Ukrainians and exploring ways to help with the recent Turkey/Syria earthquake tragedy.

Public sauna/baths are also encouraged to contribute proceeds and/or direct donations from guests with Sauna Aid.

The money collected from World Sauna Aid Moment will go to the following Sauna Aid initiatives: 

-Purchase and deliver 10 ready-made tent saunas to local Ukrainian officials as well as provide standards and blue prints for a “home grown” Ukrainian tent sauna manufacturing industry.

-Expand the educational sauna training program started by the Lithuanian Bath Academy.

-Oversee the building and delivery of 5 ready-to use saunas built into standardized shipping containers as well as work with local Ukrainian industry to make their own. 

Note: The sauna, or laznia/banya, as it is known among Ukrainians, is an important part of everyday life and provides a means of hygiene, stress relief, socialization, psychological comfort, and social identity. It is not considered a luxury, nor is it only about cleanliness. In Ukraine, as it is in other parts of the world, the banya is a social event that brings together the young and the old, the rich and the poor and promotes peace and a common sense of humanity. Ukrainians call the banya their “second mother”. 

“In Ukraine About 40 percent of the country’s energy infrastructure has been destroyed by the Russian-initiated war, now a month shy of a year old, and around six million are displaced within Ukraine’s borders. “

– Eurobserver, January 30, 2023.

About The International Sauna Association (ISA)

The International Sauna Association (ISA) is a non-profit association of over 20 national sauna societies.  The ISA was founded in 1958. Its goal is publicizing the sauna and promoting its use on a global scale by rallying supporters of sauna activities in different countries as well as promoting the scientific studies of the history, sociology, and medical benefits of the sauna.

Participating organizations: 

Lithuanian Bath Academy, British Sauna Society, Finnish Sauna Society, Polish Sauna Society, German Sauna Association, Japan Sauna and Spa Association, Norwegian Sauna Society, Danish Sauna Society, Finnish Embassy in Poland, North American Sauna Society, Swedish Sauna Academy, New Zealand Sauna Society, The Australian Sweat Bathing Association, Finnland-Institut Berlin, Austrian Sauna Society, and the Czech Sauna Association.   

You can find links to the individual participating organizations here:

For more information contact:

Risto Elomaa, President International Sauna Association

Mikkel Aaland, author/host, Perfect Sweat documentary series

Glenn Auerbach, editor, SaunaTimes
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