Understanding the True Essence of Sauna: Insights from the President of the International Sauna Association

Jan 14, 2024

In the world of wellness and relaxation, saunas have always held a special place. However, not all experiences labeled as ‘sauna’ adhere to the traditional essence that this word embodies. This perspective becomes crucial in light of recent research conducted in Jyväskylä on post-exercise infrared sauna sessions.

Risto, the President of the International Sauna Association, emphasizes the importance of this distinction. According to him, infrared cabins, often marketed under the sauna umbrella, do not align with the authentic sauna experience. This differentiation is not just about terminology but touches on the very core of what a sauna represents in terms of tradition, culture, and health benefits.

The study conducted in Jyväskylä, while insightful in its own right, unfortunately, blurs this line of distinction. It is a matter of concern that the nuances separating a traditional sauna from its infrared counterpart are not universally recognized. This oversight highlights a gap in understanding that needs to be bridged.

The International Sauna Association is committed to preserving the integrity and heritage of the sauna experience. In this spirit, it is crucial to acknowledge that while infrared cabins might offer certain health benefits, they are not a substitute for the traditional sauna experience.

This stance is not just about preserving tradition but also about educating and informing sauna enthusiasts worldwide about what constitutes a genuine sauna experience. As we navigate through various wellness trends, understanding and respecting the origins and true nature of practices like sauna becomes ever more important.

To learn more about the differences and the rich history behind traditional saunas, stay tuned to our website and LinkedIn for more insights and updates.

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