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About Kim P. Pedersen

Kim P. Pedersen is an eminent figure in the sauna community, holding the position of President of the Danish Sauna Association.
He also serves as a board member of the International Sauna Association (ISA), contributing significantly to the global sauna landscape.

His expertise is not limited to organizational roles; Kim is an integral part of the Aufguss WM, where he contributes as an international jury member in competitions.
In Denmark, he is renowned for his educational efforts in the field of sauna and sauna rituals, locally referred to as Saunagus.

Kim P. Pedersen’s journey with saunas began in childhood, a period filled with joy and familial bonding in the warmth of sauna spaces.
This early exposure laid the foundation for a lifelong passion, reigniting his interest in Aufguss.
His deep involvement in various aspects of sweat bathing culture is a testament to this enduring passion.

In his role with ISA, Kim P. Pedersen leverages his IT skills to enhance communication among members and to contribute strategically to the organization’s growth.
His ambition is to elevate ISA’s profile and expand its global influence.

One of his most notable achievements is his mastery in Aufguss, where he provides guests with unique experiences and guides them in their sauna journeys.
Kim advocates for the sauna as a means to promote health and wellness, offering a sanctuary for relaxation, socialization, and therapeutic benefits, particularly for mental tranquility.

Kim envisions ISA as a pivotal organization in global sauna culture, leading research efforts, fostering community through the sauna congress, and supporting international initiatives like Sauna Aid.
He is committed to overcoming challenges in the industry, such as limited cooperation, insufficient education and research, and the need for more supportive government policies.

His enthusiasm for the sauna industry is palpable. Kim looks forward to contributing his passion, dedication, and expertise to the growth and success of the ISA.
He is grateful for the opportunity to share his journey and eager to collaborate with others in advancing the sauna community’s future.


Kim P. Pedersen

Role: Boardmember
Nationality: Danish
Resident country: Denmark
Association: The Danish Sauna Association
Membership: National member


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