Discover the Perfect Sweat with Mikkel Aaland

Jan 8, 2024

Join renowned sweat bathing guru Mikkel Aaland, the celebrated author of the 1970s classic “Sweat”, in a captivating documentary series that takes you on an extraordinary journey around the globe. Nearly 45 years after his initial exploration, Aaland revisits the ancient traditions of sweat bathing, uncovering a vibrant resurgence in these communal rituals that promise to rejuvenate the human spirit and inspire global change.

Upcoming Episodes:

Finland – Sunday, 26 November at 7:00 PM
Explore the serene landscapes of Finland, where the tranquility of the sauna is not just a practice but a way of life.

Aufguss – Sunday, 10 December at 7:00 PM
Delve into the intense world of Aufguss, where the art of sauna is elevated through ritualistic steam infusions.

Russia – Sunday, 17 December at 7:00 PM
Experience the rugged warmth of the Russian banya, a place where heat, water, and tradition blend into a soulful experience.

Japan – Sunday, 7 January at 7:00 PM
Discover the tranquil harmony of Japanese bathing culture, where hot springs and communal baths offer spiritual renewal.

Turkey – Sunday, 14 January at 7:00 PM
Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Turkish hammams, an ancient practice of purification and relaxation.

Norway – Sunday, 21 January at 7:00 PM
Journey to the heart of Norway, where the deep connection with nature is reflected in their unique sweat bathing customs.

Burning Man – Sunday, 28 January at 7:00 PM
Conclude your journey at Burning Man, where the convergence of modern creativity and ancient traditions creates a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Perfect Sweat” promises to be more than a documentary series; it’s an invitation to rediscover and embrace these powerful community rituals that have the potential to transform lives and societies. Tune in to witness the rebirth of these ancient traditions and be a part of a movement that seeks to revive the human spirit on a global scale.

Perfect Sweat episode from Japan was shown 07.01. in Oslo at SALT sauna.

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