XVII Sauna Congress 2018

Dear Sauna friends
The XVII International Sauna Congress will be held in the north of Sweden,in the twin cities of Haparanda and Tornio on the border between Sweden and Finland June 7th to June 10th, 2018. Part of the the venue will be at Kukkolaforsen Tourism & Conference. The meeting starts with a welcome reception in the evening June 7th. The congress will be organized by the Swedish Sauna Academy and is open for all interested in sauna bathing, it will be a mixture of scientific presentations, workshops, sauna bathing, food, music, excursions and many more activities. There are 3 areas that will be covered at the presentations and workshops; Health science, History and Culture, and Technology and Design.

Save the date for this most interesting event and note the deadline for submission of abstract January 31, 2018.

 If you have any questions, just email to info@bastuakademien.se

The registration fee of 250 Euro includes admission to all seminars, workshops and the exhibition, welcome reception, coffee and lunch on Friday and Saturday, sauna barbecue evening, farewell dinner, mobile sauna meeting, unlimited sauna bathing in Kukkolaforsen and all transportation between Kukkolaforsen, Haparanda and Torneå.

 Accommodation is NOT included.

The excursions and other activities such as river rafting and fishing are also not included and each activity will be charged separately.

Registration for the sauna congress will be open from March 15th – to May 15th, however, preregistration is already open, and is recommended via info@bastuakademien.se.
All preregistered attendees will be contacted in March for final registration and information on payment.

      Note!  Accommodation has to be booked separately by the participants.

And you can read new Newsletters every month that the Swedish Sauna Academy has begun writing all the way to the great XVII International Sauna Congress 2018 which will take place in Haparanda/Torneå between June 7th to June 10th, 2018.  Read more here.

 If you have any questions, just email to info@bastuakademien.se

                       NOTE! This program is still only a proposal. NOTE!              
Please note that all times are Swedish time. Remember,
if you are in Finland, the time is + 1 hour
(Finnish time in brackets)

Thursday June 7. Guest accommodation
18.00 sv. time , (fi. time 19.00)  “Get together“ evening on
the Lappari, Torneå brewery.
Presentations, Welcome Greetings, Buffet Dinner, Entertainment.
Music: “Tulipalo” with players from the sauna ballet.

After the evening shuttle buss will be available for the guests staying in Kukkolaforsen.

Friday June 8. Main presentation day
08.30 sv. time  (fi. time 09.30) –  Guest registration. Lobby.
09.30 sv. time  (fi. time 10.30)  –  Opening ceremony. Main hall.
Welcome speech by Sweden’s rural and Sauna Minister,
Sven-Eric Bucht.
Presentation of seminars and programs.
10.00 sv. time  (fi. time 11.00) –   Seminar pass 1, Sauna and Health,                                                                           latest news
12.00 sv. time  (fi. time 13.00) –   Lunch.
13.00 sv. time  (fi. time 14.00) –   Seminar pass 2, “History and                                                                                       Culture”.
14.30 sv. time  (fi. time 15.30)  –   Coffee and cake
15.00 sv. time  (fi. time 16.00)  –  Seminar pass 3, “Technology, Design                                                                       and Architecture”.
16.00 sv. time  (fi. time 17.00)  –  Seminar closed
Sv. time, 18.00  Bus departs from Haparanda City Hotel
Fi. time, 19.00   Bus departs from Park Hotell Torneå
18.30 sv. time  (fi. time 19.30)  –  Sauna Barbeque Evening at                                                                                          Kukkolaforsen, grilled whitefish                                                                                (SIK), sauna and entertainment
22.30 sv. time  (fi. time 23.30) –  Buses return to Haparanda, Torneå

Additional events
10.00-17.00  (fi. time 11.00-18.00) – Sauna exhibition. Lobby and                                                                                        outside.

Saturday June 9. Workshops
09.00 sv. time (fi. time 10.00) – Seminar pass 4, workshops.
10.00 sv. time  (fi. time 11.00) – Coffee and cake.
10.30 sv. time  (fi. time 11.30) –  Seminar pass 5, workshops.
11.30 sv. time  (fi. time 12.30) –  Seminar pass 6, workshops.
12.30 sv. time  (fi. time 13.30) – Lunch with cultural theme.
13.30 sv. time  (fi. time 14.30) – Summarization of seminars and                                                                                 workshops.
14.30 sv. time  (fi. time 15.30) – Finish and own time, Free SAUNA                                                                           time.
Sv. time, 18.00  Bus departs from Haparanda City Hotel
Fi. time, 19.00   Bus departs from Park Hotell Torneå
18.30 sv. time  (fi. time 19.30) –  Official closing ceremony. Farwell                                                                          Dinner and Sauna in the Midnight Sun.
Price Ceremony for “Mobil Sauna Meet”.
24.00 sv. time  (fi. time 01.00) – Buses return to Haparanda, Torneå

Practical discussions and presentation on exhibition.
09.00 sv. time  (fi. time 10.00) – Sauna exhibition.

Sunday June 10, Excursions
Additional options not included in the program
– Free Time
– Excursions to various destinations.

Grand excursions
Sunday June 10 

Torne River Valley Smoke sauna Tour.
Archipelago tour to Haparanda Sandskär with sauna.
Oulu, Finland, floating- and smoke sauna tour.

Excursions, pre- and post tours
Thursday June 7, Sunday June 10 and Monday June 11.

Matkakoski smoke sauna tour.
Matkakoski, Finland, smoke sauna tour.
Kukkolaforsen river rafting with sauna.

Kukkolaforsen salmon fishing with bagnet.
Kukkolaforsen cultural tour with barbecue lunch.

Excursions will be available upon individual and group registration. Information will be send immediately to all registered participants of the Congress.

NOTE! Registration vill be later. NOTE Registration to the Congress.
For the registration to the event careful filling of the registration form is required. Please fill in all details even if you are a member of the group. You will get an invoice by e-mail and will be able to pay it on PAYPAL.















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