May 31

From the very morning we will be gathering around four round tables, listen to short presentations and have discussions on some most acute themes of modern bathworld. Our task is to get a general picture of the theme and come to a sort of conclusion

Session One 9.00-10.30

Return of the Bathwhisk
Hall A

  • Why do we whisk?
  • Conditions for healthy whisking
  • Whisking forms and techniques
  • Requirements for whisking hotroom
  • Perspectives of whisking
  • Questions and answers

Rimas Kavaliauskas

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Bathing habits
Hall B

  • Reasons for going „wet`n warm“
  • Sauna mythology, psychology
  • Evolution of sauna culture
  • National forms of sauna
  • Questions and answers

Birutė Masiliauskienė

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Session Two 10.45-12.15

Standards of bathing
Hall A

  • Sauna design and construction
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Criteria of bath quality
  • Sauna business
  • Questions and answers

Peter Jeitler

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Sauna goes global
Hall B

  • Bath culture organizations
  • Sauna marketing
  • Challenges for sauna identity
  • Championships and competitions
  • Public events, exhibitions
  • Sauna in virtual space: iBath, e-sauna
  • Questions and answers

Risto Elomaa 

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Given lists of presenters may change.

Trip to Pirtis day

13.30-18.00 Excursion to Lithuanian Pirtis Day in Rumšiškės


Dinner at the lake shore. We go there by boats!

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