Try-Pirtis Day

On the First day of summer we invite you to leave behind all worries and hassles and take one of our special Lithianian pirtis excursions. We have carefuly slected the best of the best Lithuanian bath houses of various type. All they are listed on Lithuanian page of

There will be excursions of 2 types: collective (group) procedures and individual procedures.

Group procedures

They are intended to show the process of visiting Lithuanian steam bath. All will be led by our experienced bath attendants or the owners of the pirtis (sauna). Thesize of the group varies and depandes on sauna size. Typicaly the group is 6-10 persons with some exeptions.

The scenario of typical group procedure

  1. Initial upwarming and introduction to procedure
  2. Furter warming and some aromatherapy
  3. Selfwhisking or maybe group whisking with explanations
  4. Body scrub
  5. Additional skin treatment (usualy with honey)

This description is aproximate and may be different in various pirtis. In order to get better understamding, please read Congress offer sections in pirtis pages or send a letter to

The cost for group procedure is 40 euro per  person including transportation. In the sauna is located more then 100 km away, there could be a small addional transportation charge, typically uo to 10 euro.

The individual procedures

These offers are for those who want to experience the hospitality of Lithuanian bath masters at its best. Note that a single bath master (attendant) can take no more than 2 or maybe 3 persons in one bathing session. So the number of places is very restricted. It also means that you are expected to pay beforehand or at the arrival immediately.

The scenario of typical individual procedure

  1. Initial upwarming and introduction to procedure
  2. Personal massage (honey, salt or similiar)
  3. Professional whisking (15-25 min) adjusted to individual person
  4. Body scrub and massage

The procedure migh vary depending on individual whishes and health, but in everery case you should expect more than 1 hour of individual bodywork on you.

The price for individual procedure is fixed to 100 euro and is expected to be payed in advance.


You are welcome to book a place in one of our pirtis excursions. Please consider the travel time which is given from Trasalis hotel. We will organize the transportation and the price is included. If sauna is located more ten 100 km away and depending on the size of the group we may ask you to pay a little extra, but not more then 10-20 euros. The registration is valid only upon getting the personal conformation e-mail from us. You may also be asked to pay pirtis fee in advance.

You can participate in two excursions. The second excursion then be with 50% discount. Please take care of timing!

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