Standards of bathing

10.45-12.15, Hall A


  • Sauna design and construction
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Criteria of bath quality
  • Sauna business
  • Questions and answers

Moderator: Peter Jeitler


1. Building of small and medium size banias in Ukraine

Aleksandr Marchenko, Ukraine

Desing of bania for whisking. Requirements to the hot room. Requirements for the oven. Experience of building whisking bath centers in Ukraina. 

2. Saunas (and culture) in the Netherlands and the fire in the Dutch sauna´s

Klaas van Donderen, Netherlands

Differences between Finnish and Dutch sauna culture and why are there so many Dutch sauna in Fire. Firesafety in the Dutch sauna´s and why there are so many sauna´s burned down in the Netherlands. 

3. A perfect family sauna for whisking

Rimas Kavaliauskas, Lithuania

The callenge of the small space. Stratification of the sauna climate. Harnessing of the smoke. Dripping floor comes back. Variety of procedures. Children in sauna.

4. Innovative amber and jade standard and infrared mineral-therapy sauna

Šarūnas Davainis, Lithuania:

Amber and jade innovative usage in Wellness industry. Eko-concept and amber and jade healing properties in sauna. The short “Amber sauna” patent presentation.

 5. Whisks binding technology

Kristina Adomaitytė, Lithuania

To present one Lithuanian company’s technology of whisks binding. Talk about preparation of whisks material, binding process and equipment for binding whisk in a handle. Also, to present whisks packing to heat-shrinkable bags method which preserving the original colour, aroma and form of product.

6. The layout of the main rooms of a bathhouse with a periodically operating heater

Ramūnas Račkauskas, Lithuania

Standards of a good bathhouse. The main functional areas of a bathhouse:
Steam room – both the heating and washing up purpose;
Relaxation area – additional bathhouse room;
Transit area – for people to move and for moisture to leave the room. 

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