Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood by Estonian director Anna Hints to world premiere at Sundance  Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, the debut feature documentary by Estonian film director Anna Hints, has been selected to premiere in the Sundance Film Festival 2023 World Cinema Documentary Competition program. A co-production between Estonia, France and Iceland, this is the first time a documentary by an Estonian director is selected to one of the top five film festivals. 101 feature-length films will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and only 12 films will be screened in the World Cinema Documentary Competition. Ania Trzebiatowska, a documentary programmer of Sundance Film Festival on why this film was chosen for the festival: “It’s a real privilege to be able to premiere Smoke Sauna Sisterhood at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Its original, audacious style, and incredibly moving and intimate approach to the issues of trauma, make this into an unforgettable watch. Now more than ever we need a film about the healing power of communities and sisterhoods.” The director Anna Hints said that it is a great honour to have her documentary film premiering at Sundance Film Festival: ”Smoke Sauna Sisterhood is my first feature length film which I started making seven years ago. The film is … Continue reading Smoke Sauna Sisterhood