Saunaletter 8-2017

Dear ISA  members and other sauna lovers

A lot has been happening and a lot is still happening before this Finland100 – year is over.

The TRAVELLING SAUNA in USA is travelling succesfully and distributing information about a wood burning sauna. The media coverage is huge . And also many people have had and option to try a good wood burning sauna .

Travelling sauna tour is ending during the Independence Day of  Finland at the Finnish Embassy in Washington DC. There it stays several days and people can have a sauna outside the Embassy based on advance bookings and/or invitations.

The wood burning stove from Saunatech has been in good shape from the beginning and gives good LÖYLY to the mobile sauna room.

Many stops have been organised together with some events of the Scandinavian origin people. The biggest one was FinnFest  in September , this time again in Minneapolis.

More updated information from the web page:

Embassy of Finland in Estonia together with ISA  , several local saunaclubs and enthusiast have been organising two  SAUNATUURS  to visit interesting saunas in Estonia.

These visits have been very succesfull and have been shoving to the international visitors the best of the Estonian saunas and sauna culture.

There is  a nice set of pictures available on the

The last part of these saunaevents is happening during the PÖFF – filmfestival in Tallinn where together with the best films from Finland there is going to be a mobile sauna in the center of Tallinn.

More information from


ISA and ISA – member Bristish Sauna Society are involved in this event.

And the Finnish Sauna Society has also a  few hours exhibition there about the Society.

The opening times as well as information how to book:
The Sauna is open from Friday 10 November – Saturday 30 December. The opening times are 1pm – 8:30pm, with women only sessions available every Monday & Tuesday, 2.30pm – 3.40pm and every Wednesday, 5.30pm – 6.40pm. Each sauna session lasts 70 minutes, including time to change within the space. The prices range from £15-25. Further information on pricing and timings can be found on the website here.

The Sauna Sunday series will run weekly from the 26 November. The sessions will include 15 minute ‘bites’ of talks, poetry and performance, inside the 70 minute sauna session. We will have further details on this later this month.

HELSINKI SAUNA Day comes again in March 2018

See the web page for more information.

Dates for other interesting  sauna , Spa  etc. exhibitions

17-20 October, 2017
Piscina & Wellness  Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

1-3 November, 2017
International Pool Spa Patio Expo
Orlando, USA

21-23, February, 2018
Bologna, Italy

13.-15. May 2018
Guangzhou Expo
Guangzhou , China

And naturally everybody has INTERBAD 2018 in Stuttgart in their schedules.

We have also enclosed the last Newsletter about the XVII International Sauna Congress organised by the Swedish Sauna Academy  and International Sauna Association. There has been a lot of interest in advance both from the potential presentors side as well as visitors.

This event which is happening in the Sauna World every four years is naturally a must .

The saunatours included give an option to learn real saunaculture  in an area where sauna has been part of everyday life allways and is still today.

If You like to to recieve the Nesletter please read the instructions from the enclosed Newsletter from Swedish Sauna Academy.

More information also on the web page

Wishing You still many options to have a good sauna experience in 2017!

Risto Elomaa
International Sauna Association


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