Dear ISA members and other sauna friends Summer has been full of sauna events
globally and this is continuing . Still in the end of August there are many things happening and some of those are listed here.

One of the most important things happening here in Finland was the visit of Mikkel Aaland in the end of July and beginning of August. As You may recall he was writing the book SWEAT so that it was published 1978. Unfortunately the edition of this Sauna Bible was sold out a long time ago but is again availbale as e-book from Amazon.

Mikkel sold the rights of the book some time ago and now the books should become a series of documents from different parts of the world.

The first part was naturally from  Finland. Mikkel arrived in Finland and Vaskiniemi saunas in 1973 and spent here a long time. Besides having many times sauna in Vaskiniemi he was also using the library and making a lot of research work about SWEAT BATHING globally. The CEO at that time Pirkko Valtakari as well as the  Chairman  Harald Teir were helping Mikkel to learn about sauna.

After Finland Mikkel actually spent totally three years travelling around the globe and sweating in different interesting places.

And now this all should become a series of documents.

the first part was filmed in Finland few weeks ago. The man behind Miesten vuoro – film , Mika hotakainen was  taking the reponsibility of the filming here.

Besides Vaskiniemi  several other saunas were filmed during this 9 days period. They included Kotiharju ( see HS Nyt an interview with Mikkel), Arla, Vaskiniemi , Villa Upinniemi , Sompa and the full set of saunas from Teuva mobile sauna festival.

We had been inviting interesting sauna specialist to discuss about different matters around sauna.

E.g. Juha Pentikäinen was having a long discussion about sauna and shamanism etc. matters.

In Vaskiniemi there was a long discussion about sauna and helath with people like SaunaDr. Lasse Viinikka ,  Ambassador Bruce Oreck  etc.

In Kotiharju we had also people from Japan building in that way also a bridge between Finland and Japan which is going to be  one of the next filming places.

We do  inform You about the development. And naturally  many of the members are also going to be involved when the project is going further. In case you need some more information please contact me.

Because there are so many events and happenings we do only list those in this letter.

  1. International Sauna Congress 2018

See the Swedish  Sauna Association Newsletter  No 2 as a pdf.

  1. SALT

SALT has nothing to do with the SALT-negotiations in Finland  in 1975 but is a very interesting contsruction in the center of OSLO just now.

It is getting the prize of the 2017 archtitechtural construction and the official date is August 26th.

There are three saunas in this construction , the biggest one can take 100 people at one time.

We have the contact data for the key people here and maybe we arrange a visit there organised by the Norwegian Sauna Society. Please note that the above mentioned Mikkel Aaland is originally Norwegian.


  1. AUFGUSS  WM IN HOLLAND  18. – 24.09.2017

The competition is not far away. Please book your tickets well in advance or You are left out. And as usual the hotel capacity is sold out early.

The place is very interesting because this sauna in Thermen Soesterberg is built specifically for Aufguss purposes.

The supplier of this sauna is B&S Finnland Sauna in Germany. The log construction comes from Finland and is one of the biggest saunas in the world. Only a little smaller that Koi-Sauna in Sinsheim , Germany where th Aufguss WM was happening two years ago.

       HOST 2017 The this year AUFGUSS-WM 2017 host is Thermen Soesterberg (Netherlands).



  1. German Sauna Day  24.09.2017

          Please visit

  1.  Suomi100 event in Kadrina Sauna Estonia  14.09. as well as in

November in Haanja and Saaremaa smoke saunas

– please note that Kadrina sauna has it´s 60 years anniversary in August

– more information as well as schedules  from the Finnish Embassy soon or from me!Albums/album_5361756e612074c3a46e6176204bc3a4736d7573205669727520666f6c67696c2031312e2d31322e30382e32303137

  1. Baltic culture event in Lithuania

– event includes many cultural aspects including also sauna

– the ISA member in Lithuania is also involved and some people

from Japan are also visiting

– more information here:

  1. Burning man

– some members are participating  and taking a mobile sauna with them  – they have promised to make a video about the trip

  1. NGSET

– meeting about smoke sauna cultural heritage in the Baltic sea region organised by  the members of this project

– dates 29.09. – 02.10.2017

– if You are not a member of any of the participating organisations but want to participate , please contact me or Eda Veeroja

  1. Travelling sauna

– the project is having a lot of publicity

– traveling sauna stops in New York 07.09.2017  whwre North American Sauna Association NSSA is participating as well as e.g. the Chamber of  Commerce

  1. Project” Born in the sauna” by professor Alexander Lembke

– opening of the photo exhibition 13.10.2017 in Tampere

– invitations coming a little later

  1. 10. World Sauna Forum – Health, well-being and business event

Sauna from Finland association is organizing World Sauna Forum in Jyväskylä, Finland 29th September.  World Sauna Forum is a new international sauna event: health, well-being and business from sauna.  In the event we will hear inspiring speakers on the sauna experience and sauna’s health and well-being benefits. The networking event takes place in a unique sauna exhibition area where you can explore novelties of sauna industry such as saunas, stoves, hot tubs, textiles, cosmetics and sauna innovations. The event gathers together sauna companies and hotels, spas and travel companies, offering a unique chance for international networking.

More information:

Interested in free tickets? Please contact:   Hanna Kiilamaa

Marketing Coordinator | Sauna from Finland +358 504303829 |

Aquanale Köln in November


80 Years Anniversary of the Finnish Sauna Society in November

      – Thursday November 16th is the day when the society was founded in Helsinki.

– the information about the event as well as possible sauna trips related is published by the finnish Sauna Society soon

– ISA is having it´s Board Meeting together with this event also in Helsinki

  1. IJSS and new birth of Sauna Research

        – From the 1950s to the later part of 1990s , the International Sauna Association and German Sauna Bund

together with some other Sauna  Societies which were members of ISA  were publishing a scientific journal  on sauna research.

– now some members of ISA have been considering to introduce the International Journal of sauna Studies

IJSS – a new academic journal that will publish research on Health Science , History and culture ( folklore) and Technology and design of sauna  , basically the same subjects that the International Sauna Congresses are  also covering.

– it is going to be hosted by ASBA , the Australian Sweat Bathing Association . ASBA became an ISA member in

2016 and it is committed to promoting global sauna culture.    

This is just a small part of those events happening. If you have something to inform about it can be done also via the website of ISA. Please note that the correct website is .

The next Newsletter about the International sauna Congress in June 2018 is coming out still in August.



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