Saunaletter 6 2018

Dear ISA-members and saunalovers

Summer is over slowly. It was very active starting clearly before the International Congress and in actual case still continuing.

The Congress has got unusual wide medai coverage and already now there are several requests to organise the next one in 2022.

But we do make the decision later.

It is very nice to see that this kind of gathering is creating new sauna projects in different parts of the world.

And it seems also that  the exchange of different habbits and cultures is increasing e.g. among the members of ISA.

One big gathering of sauna people was in Berlin in Satama where they were organising the 2018 AUFGUSS WC. It amazing to see the creativity of the people.

There has been a lot of visitors here in Finland from many parts of the world. The media has been also active and there has been published many intresting articles.

The Sauna and health – research project by Jari Laukkanen at the Eastern University of finland is going further. There are several articles published and and they have been gaining a lot of interest.

We hope that  e.g. Finnish authorities do undestand how important work Dr. Laukkanen and his team is  doing and the team is getting financing for the next steps.  We should do that if we want to be the leading sauna country in the world.

The next event is INTERBAD in  Stuttgart starting 23rd of October. The exhibition with all the seminars etc. is going to bring again new ideas , products , technologies etc. to the sauna.

Please note that there is a link on the website of ISA where you can get a ticket to Interbad free of charge, there is also Aquanale in Lyon France early November but Interbad is more concentrated in sauna.

And then there is coming again the interesting Expo in Guangzhou , China in the middle of May. More information about that either directly from the ISA member Jacob Kong or me. We do also distribute material soon about that fair.

Still I want to mention the development of the film of Mikkel Aaland. The Perfect Sweat is having three episodes filmed. The first one was  from finland , the second from russia and this third one is from Europe including Italy and Berlin , Germany.

This set of documents is going to be very interesting for Sweat bathing people including naturally also the original Sauna.

We hope that the distribution is possible in the near future.

Following are some links that I have seen or received during the last months.


Floating sauna in Oslo


SNOW – hotel in Finland and it´s sauna


NEW public sauna in Tampere Finland


Article about sauna and healt in Time


Global Wellness Institute Report


METOS SAUNA home page in Japan is also interesting and gives information about  good sauna both in Finland as well as in Baltic.


39 most beautiful saunas  in the world – photos collected by Glenn Auerbach


A collection of sauna videos which might be interesting for You


We are planning to give to the ISA members an option to introduce Yourself and your organisations. More a little later.

Also we plan to start to introduce the palyers in the sauna business so that people can find a solution/contact when needed.

We have had e.g. here in Finland quite many visitors who are interested to build a Finnish type sauna as a public or private. There is not too much written material in other languages than in Finnish but we do try to fill this gap by at least collecting that material that does exist.

The faal is the best sauna season. The colorfull leaves are reflecting from the surface of the water if one is lucky and has a sauna at the water.

Fresh water is good for cooling down between the  moments in the hot room.

Wishing You many good  sauna events!



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