Saunaletter 6-2017

Dear ISA members

There has been quite many links and videos etc. during the last weeks. I would like to list some of them for You here as the Newsletter Nr6/2017

  1. Jari Laukkanen and Rhonda Patrick

You all should know the interesting work and results of Jari Laukkanen.

He met Rhonda Patrick from USA when she was visiting Finland.

Sauna Digest about sauna mentors / C.J. Rice

  1. TV program about sauna in Lithuania has been continuing a long time.

This part was filmed during the Smoke sauna seminar.

  1. Postmees in Estonia made an interesting report about Finnish saunas

  1. Sauna and Herbal Day in Latvia

Some interesting videos from Latvia where also saunaculture is today popular and people would like to learn old habbits.

They use many trees to make whisks etc.

  1. Traveling sauna

The traveling sauna in USA is now coming to New York where there is a big party 07.09.
Check the updated situation of this wood fired mobile sauna from their web page:

The trip is ending in Washington around the Independence Day of Finland  at the Embassy of Finland.

We hope to collect films , links etc. on to the web page of ISA so that the materaila is available for everyone at the latest next year.

Please send Your material to me if you have something interesting.

The next Saunaletter is coming out still before end of  August and has more information about the Congress.

And please noet that the OFFICIAL WEBPAGE of ISA is

Unfortunately the old page is still  active and causing some missunderstandings.


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