Saunaletter 5-2018


Dear ISA members , Congress visitors and saunalovers

This Saunaletter has a wide distribution to all Congress participants etc.

XVII Congress in  June was a big success .  There has been several reports in different newspapers etc. Some of that material is also included here . Please see also the previous Newsletter where we had the reports  from the  ISA general Meeting etc.

And the Congress Material  should come to the web page of ISA soon by Bastuakademien.  ,

Also the material concerning IJSS meeting is coming to the web page of ISA as well as to the web page of IJSS itself. And those people who have been  in that meeting or informing that they are interested to get the material do get it directly from IJSS.

There are several projects started based on the presentation and meetings in the Congress which is one of the main purposes . Those over 200 people from 24 countries do increase the interest in sauna and sauna culture.

Besides the Congress the other important event is INTERBAD where the sauna people from all over the world do meet.

Please inform me if and when you plan to be there. maybe we can arrange something together or at least join e.g. the seminars organised by the German Sauna Bund etc.

Here is still the video which is showing the nice place where we were.

XVII Sauna Congress by the Japanese Sauna and Spa Association

World Wellness Weekend  22nd and 23rd of September world wide


This event is interesting and we hope that during those days we can have a good sauna experinece.

If You want to be involved please use the link and register Your sauna .

This is a little like the Helsinki Sauna Day but global. More information here on the website or also from the

And more  health benefits also from Jari Laukkanen

Laukkanen and his group do produce new material all the time. Here is one of those papers.

And more generally about sauna and wellness



 was well introduced  in the Congress and they invited everybody to visit Interbad. Here is the ticket code. Please use it and come to the best exhibition  and see what is new about sauna. Interbad is also the best place to meet other people because everybody is there.

Interbad is  happy to welcome all attendees of the XVII International Sauna Congress to interbad 2018.

All information on the event and the frame program, you can find at

Print out a free ticket by using the promotion code “Sauna_2018” by clicking here.



World Sauna Forum in Finland in September

Welcome to World Sauna Forum

World Sauna Forum is an international networking event organized by Sauna from Finland.

It gathers together sauna, wellbeing, and traveling businesses and operators from all over the world. World Sauna Forum 2018 will take place in beautiful Jyväskylä, Central Finland.

One can expect a lot about Finnish sauna experience and it’s potential in different markets.

The programme consists of interesting speakers in addition to a round table panel discussion, networking, and naturally, sauna bathing. The tickets currently sell for a summer price:

only 200€ + vat. 24% (rrp. 290€ + vat.). Register here or contact Sauna from Finland.

Elina Heinonen


North American Sauna Association NASS has also an interesting blog about sauna

Beatyfull saunas  according to Sauna Times listing. sauna times is also one of the important blogs in USA.


Interesting sauna in Oslo

The Diplomatic sauna in Washington was well used for the 100 years anniversary of  Finland. The Finnish Embassy in Washington was also the end of the  Travelling Sauna in USA.

Full Moon sauna therapy and many other interesting events in Minnesota

Smoke sauna Symphony to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia in 2019

Mental sauna is interesting

Nice sauna pictures from USA by Jessica Löyly-sauna. She does understand what a good sauna is. And if You happen to visit Portland do not hesitate to try.


Central Finland Sauna week   was a success

Saunas attract travellers

Backpackers seek for authentic experiences and want to meet local people. Finland attracts with sauna, pure nature and local experiences. At least this is what travellers from Australia, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Mexico and Japan think at Sauna Region Week. The objective of Sauna Region Week is to offer various sauna experiences for both foreign and Finnish travellers. The 65 sauna turns of the Sauna Region Week offered experiences for approximately 1,700 sauna users.

Most of the week’s sauna turns exceeded the organizers’ expectations by the number of customers.

For example, the specialty of Könkkölä farm, sauna built in Ford Taunus and other activities of the day gathered 123 sauna users in total. Also, different kinds of activities and treatments alongside the sauna attracted. On Monday, people paddled upwind to Kalasaari, where sauna was warmed up with the firewood prepared together. Lunch was served in Kalasaari pavilion.

Activities of the week attracted also Finnish travellers, who followed the saunas with their mobile homes and cars. Many visited several saunas around the region. Despite of unsettled weather, saunas were visited also by bike. One Australian woman, for instance, combined eco travelling and saunas by cycling to Keuruu and Laukaa in order to experience different saunas.

The Sauna Heating World Championships gathered even three teams from Japan, where the “authentic”

Finnish sauna and sauna culture are of specific interest. One of the teams received a special mention for supporting Finnish sauna culture. The winner of the competition was Team Saunavoima from Tampere.

The best Japanese team came fourth. The sauna users were very pleased with the event. Next Sauna Region Week will be organized as always next summer on 29 June to 6 July, 2019.


Photos and videos of the event:

Photo compilation page:


More information:
Päivi Heikkala,
project manager
Visit Central Finland
Tel. +358 50-304 8467,


Something new also from Rhonda Patrick

And Professor Jari Laukkanen is also publishing again. See the material from the website


This time this is all . As You see there are a lot of events happening.

Let´s make sure that we hava a good sauna and can enjoy it.












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