Saunaletter 5-2017

Dear  ISA members  etc.

I am preparing a short letter about some events that someone maybe interested in and do happen in the near future. For us here in the north we have summer but some of the members do have winter.

  1. Smoke Sauna Village

But before that I would like to say few words about the project to move the Muurame Smokesauna Village/museum to a new place in Jämsä.

We had on Saturday  June 10th a very big event  with the first smoke sauna of the Saunamuseum Village in Juokslahti Jämsä.

The first smokesauna named  Virpiö was heated first time and we had an opportunity to use it again.

We have to thank Kari and Janne Vainionmäki  from Sisu Savusauna for the heating and preparing the sauna for us.

You propably remeber that the last heating was  when Virpiö was

still in Muurame in October 2015 as a Good Bye for the Smokesaunavillage.

Enclosed are some pictures when the Spirit of the Steam is going into the sauna after the Declaration of the Sauna peace 10.06.2017 at 18.00. The declaration was done by the members of the International Smokesauna Club in Finnish as well as in Latin.

We naturally hope that the next meetings could happen  in Jämsä and You all could  try this sauna Virpiö and  also some other saunas as soon as they are available.

There is a plan to arrange a visit from the Sauna Congress to Jämsä too .

  1. Saunafestivals and other sauna events

The Midsummer saunafestivals are over but Finland as well as many other countries do have different sauna events in the  summer.

The next one is the Central Finland Sauna week starting on Saturday. Here is the link:

Please note that on Thursday the 6th there is an option to try the above mentioned Smoke sauna Virpiö 16.00 – 20.00 in the Smokesauna Village.

In Finland the Saunafestival in Helsinki is over and was not very succesfull . Because of that the next one in Turku was cancelled.

We hope now that anyway the third one in Jyväskylä in August is happening.  You can check the situation here:

Ikaalinen is the place for a saunafestival with long traditions in the middle of July.

More information from the link

Especially if You want to learn how to make whisks this is the best place. The

World Champion Pentti Hakala is there and does show his skills.

In Teuva there is an interesting event for mobile saunas both from finland and abroad.

Here you can find the most innovative mobile saunas possible and even try them.

The Travelling Sauna in USA is continuing with a great success . This sauna is wood fired and has a stove from Helo/Saunatech. Sauna was built in USA.

In Finland one bus company was  building a small wood fired sauna into a bus and this sauna was travelling through whole Finland until the Arctic sea.

You can see the trip videos from the

In Lithuania there are at least two events:

And in Estonia there is the Haanja Smoke Sauna week  13. – 16.08. in Haanja

village. The schedules should come out next week and the enclosed page from 2016 updated.

Whisking in Scotland by Mari Keski-Kursu:

Hello Sauna fans, just wanted to direct you to a special project we will be running in Glasgow 27 – 30 July: Edge Effects –

As part of this four day programme we will be working with the amazing Mari Keski-Korsu who will be sharing her Beat to the Balance practice at the Arlington Baths Club on the Thursday and Friday. Click the link above for the full Edge Effects Programme or sign up for your free 30 minute Sauna Whisking .

And also in Brexit UK

In Germany Tag der Sauna is in September.  ( Sauna Day) is in September 24th.

  1. World Sauna Forum in Jyväskylä in September

Please find the information from the link:

  1. International Sauna Congress in Sweden in June 2018

ISA / Swedish Bastuakademie  is organising the XVII International  Sauna Congress in Haaparanta in June 2018.

We start to publish a Newsletter as well as input all the interesting information to

the websites of Swedish Bastuakademie as well as International Sauna Association.

The program as well as Call for Papers is coming out  soon. And the Newsletter is distributed widely every months meaning 12 Newsletter totally.

Because there has been a lot of new sauna research reports and publications the Congress is having a special interest in that.  The organising  group includes for that reason  people who have been involved in sauna resarch a long time.

As a preliminary information we do  include a report made by  our member Jack Tsonis about sauna research globally. Find the report above.

Jack is going to be one of the key people together with some other when choosing the material to the Congress as well as for some other very interesting sauna research projects.

The Congress is including also several sauna visits.

  1. The Finnish Sauna Society was publishing instructions for Finnish Sauna

The first version is in English but they are coming later in different languages.

Please find the pdf copy above. You can use the instructions freely but please mention that they are from the Finnish Sauna Society.

  1. Media coverage

There has been many interviews  and interesting articles about sauna in different parts of the world.

Because of this Finland100 several  most of the material is about Finland and especially about the saunas in Helsinki .

Here is a list of some of those most interesting one:

Postmees in Estonia:

Two reporters were staying a week in Finland and wrote this long article. Rhe language is Estonian but the pictures are  in international language.

Japanese Iichiko Number 134 Spring 2017 pages 97 – 128  , The Bathing Culture of Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. In Japanese.

In Japan  has Coyote Winter 2017 over 30 pages also about Finland , Estonia and Lithuania and their saunas and sauna culture. In Japanese.

And Japanese NHK TV was making a film covering  public sauna Arla in Helsinki as well as the public smoke sauna at Kuusijärvi. The film is coming out in September.

There are coming many more events but let´s take a summer  holiday here in between.

With best summer sauna regards

Risto Elomaa
International Sauna Association

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