Saunaletter 4-2019

Dear ISA members and other saunalovers

There are so many links etc. information so that we decided to distribute one more Saunaletter before summer.

This is also the first Saunaletter to quite many New Members who were approved by the Board in  the Board Meeting in Larvik Norway 29.04.2019. We welcome all of them to the saunalovers group .

We hope also that we can start to introduce those organisations who are  now members so that we can contact each other more . There are many events happening in different parts of the world giving also an option to the ISA members to visit those events and so get to know other sauna cultures.

And then to the information:

Nordic  Sauna Day in Finland 08.06.2019

There are several events on that Sauna Day e.g. in the World Sauna CapitalTampre  and  smoke sauna Village in Jämsä.The Tampere program can be found from the home page of the Rajaportti sauna.
The event is going to be the opening of the Finnish Broadcatsing Sevices program SAUNAKUU.

Sauna Day in Sweden

You are very welcome to the 22nd National Sauna Day Saturday 8/6-2019

The second Saturday in June is the national sauna day and we celebrate this in conjunction with the Swedish Sauna Academy’s annual meeting in Kukkolaforsen, Haparanda.

We also call the Swedish sauna academy members to the annual meeting.

Program: Those arriving on Friday 7/6 can choose the Saunayoga or the Smoke sauna tour to the Finnish side.
Guided tours of the fishing village, rafting and netting salmon can also be booked on Friday and Sunday.

Program: Saturday 8/6-2019 in Kukkolaforsen.

Kl. 13.00  Annual meeting of the Swedish Sauna Academy.
Kl. 14.30  Seminars. Interesting lectures are underway, among other                                  things about “sauna and health”.
The Sauna doctor Hans Hägglund sums up “International Sauna                       Congress 2018”
“Bath is health” Fil.dr. Karolina Weil, presentation from thesis                          statement on ”Svenska Badstugor”.
Kl. 17.30  Lesson in binding of leaf ruffles.
Demonstration of new smoke sauna

Kl. 18.00  Sauna bath in at least 8 different saunas and hot tubs.
Kl. 19.30  Presentation of the evening’s sauna buffet. A tasty dinner buffet
appeared in the recreation room
and terrace on the shore of the rushing rapids.
Music entertainment during the evening.

Kl. 21.00  More sauna baths and dip in the Torne River until the sun rises                        around 01.30.
Grilling in the bright summer night for those who need salt                                supplements.

Accommodation is available in camping, cottages and hotels. Special prize for the sauna academy.
Booking at Enter the “sauna academy” when booking.


SMOKE SAUNA fest in Estonia including the Smoke Sauna Symphony

The Estonian smoke sauna culture that was accepted to the UNECO list isavailable in many special events. Please be quick because many tuckets are sold out and also there is some limitations with the accomodation.

Our smoke sauna lady Eda Veeroja is one of the key people in this event in August.

LATVIA    has also something to offer



Nāc mācīties un apgūsti pirts zinības pirts skolā Lielzemenes!

Pirts skola uzsāk uzņemšanu pirtnieku kursa apgūšanai.

Piektdienas grupa, kas mācīsies sākot no 7. jūnija katra mēneša otrajā piektdienā. Sestdienas grupa, kas mācīsies sākot no 13. jūlija katra mēneša otrajā sestdienā.

Piesakies jau tagat!

INTERBAD  exhibition in Stuttgart 27. – 29.10.2020

Please put these dates to Your schedules now. The Interbad is nearer than You think and that is why You should remember also to make Your reservations for transportation as well as accomodation.

You get more information as soon as we get it. We do distribute a special Newsletter together with INTERBAD people a little later.

The same applies also INTERBAD in 2022 when we have also the next International Sauna Congress! We are discussing about the different forms of  cooperation also here like we had  in the XVII Congress in Sweden where also Interbad people were giving a presentation.



Interesting SAUNAS to visit

Instructions for immigrants

Perfect SWEAT film by Mikkel Aaland

This is going to be the biggest document ever made about seat bathing. We hope that all the seven documents are going to be seen in 2020.


SALT SAUNA next to the Oslo Operahouse is interesting with e.g. the

Kastor wood fired stoves etc. It is really worth visiting. The ISA Board visited SALT before the Board Meeting . Pictures etc. in the next Saunaletter where also information from the meeting and the decisions there.

SALT sauna is going to be there at least two more years.

You can find basic information about the project here:



Daily Heat Treatment   can be good for You


One more interesting interesting article about health and sauna

Born in SAUNA , video installations from Alex Lembke

Sauna and health , some more material

  1. &
  4. & (in Finnish)
  6. &

And more information about Russian banya by a specialist from US

World Sauna Forum 2019 in Finland

3-4 October, 2019 at Tampere, Sauna Capital of the World, Finland

World Sauna Forum is the biggest international training and networking  event  in Finland focused on developing and promoting the best sauna experience in the world.
It gathers together sauna, wellbeing, and traveling businesses and operators from all over the world.

World Sauna Forum is aimed for anyone who works in the field of sauna and wellness from service providers to manufacturers of accessories and equipment.


More information from


Interesting opportunities to visit interesting saunas either before or after the Forum

TAMPERE the World Sauna Capital

It is an excellent opportunity to visit the Saunas in this Sauna Capital of the World which was announced e.g. by ISA  as well as the FINNISH SAUNA SOCIETY last summer.

The development is continuing in the Tampere region by this Tampere Sauna Capital organisation where also ISA is participating.

There is a list of saunas in the region available from e.g. Visit Tampere or from ISA.

Please note that there is material in several languages which helps to introduce the places and services available.

Smoke Sauna Village in Jämsä Finland

There are options to visit excellent smoke saunas in the Smoke Sauna Village in Jämsä during the summer . The open days are e.g. the Nordic sauna Day 08.06. , Midsummer

Sauna  Saturday 22.06. , Central Finland Sauna Week Saturday sauna 29.06. , Saturday 13.07. ,

Saturday 20.07. and Saturday 27.07. which is also at the same time the final day of the SAUNA Month .

All these are open sauna days and one can come without any prebookings. Take your towels with You and some money and enjoy with the sauna friends .

If You want to have a private sauna event that is also possible but then you have to do a booking and You have to pay a little more. But You can experience some of the best smoke saunas in the world.

Please contact Suomen Saunakulttuuri ry  , email:

DAUNA FESTIVAL in Kadrina Estonia 08. – 09.06.2019

E.g. the  Soomi Saunaselts in Estonia is participating this two day sauna event. Besides very good sauna there is available local  beers from the local brewery.

GLENN visited Finland , 10 days 17 saunas. Let´s see if he is adding some of those to his list in Sauna times


SAUNA travelling  by a specialist

Bespoke guided SAUNA adventure tours in Finland and neighboring countries availbale now. 

More info @www.saunaexperience.Fri

At your service, SaunaSherpa


The national competitions have started . More on the AUFGUSS pages.

There was quite a lot material  but  if and when You have something else to add please let our website operator Roger or myself  know. We can add the information about other events on the ISA website.

And we all wish a very interesting summer to all of You  with good LÖYLY.

Please note  that in the REAL AUTHENTIC SAUNA there is a stove where there has to be stones. The temperature in the sauna should be 89 – 105 deg C measured 100 cm

above the highest bench. The humidity can be increased by throwing water onto the stones.  This is the  specification by ISA International Sauna Congress in Aachen 1999 which is in wide use.

So e.g.  room with Infra Red heater or steam generator is not a sauna and cannot be called sauna.

This is also good to remeber when reading the results about sauna and health. The results are based on an authentic sauna.



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