Saunaletter 4-2017


Dear ISA members and other saunalovers

Spring is here even in Finland , hopefully.

Finland has been very active because Finland is celebrating it´s 100 Years Anniversary of independence and because SAUNA is part of the Finnish culture  it is also a part fo this anniversary.

There are many events with the name Finland100 which do have also a sauna included.

One of the most interesting one has been and is still happening in Brussels.

This Sweating for Europe was a big success and even some Parliament members finally

were having the Firefit sauna which was organised by the sponsors to Brussels.

Sweating in Brussels :

Radio France Internationale



The Bulletin

Brussels-express EU

La Vanguardia

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Ja Ruptures, “äärieurokriittinen” ranskalaisjulkaisu:



And naturally we start to talk about the XVII International Sauna  Congress in June in Sweden . It seems that the Congress is going to be concentrating to sauna reserach and those interesting results which have been coming recently especially from the groups of researchers led by Finns. WE do see all these key people in the Congress and can listen interesting presentations .

As many of You remember some of the Congresses and especially the printed compendiums are actually basic material in sauna research . This is the case e.g. with Helsinki 1974 and  Aachen 1999 .  It is a pity that both books are sold out but luckily some libraries have it still and  we can use that material.

When going through the research material we have stated that in actual case International Sauna association was publishing together with some of the members  a paper called International Sauna Archive from 1984 until 1996.

This was the successor for the Sauna Archiv which was published from 1958 – 1983 .

These both are very valuable sources  and data bank for sauna research results. Unfortunately they were newer digital and so they have been forgotten because it is impossible to use any serch machines etc.

Anyway now it looks like that we may have an opportunity to continue this work and make much more material about sauna public.

2.Saunadiplomacy again

There has been a lot of discussions about saunadiplomacy during the last 30 years of the independence.

Here you can see what kind of sauna diplomacy was happening during the World War II.

Sauna was very important for the Finnish troops during the whole war.

  1. And more from USA

4.Special Smoke Sauna  that was  2015 the best Smoke Sauna in Finland

One can try e.g. 17.06. in the afternoon. See the web page for possible bookings.

And in Sweden in the city of Kiiruna north from the Congress city of Haaparanta there is born a new Golden egg sauna.

Maybe that has to be included into the tour program of the Congress 2018.

  1. Opening of new website

We have been slowly opening the website .  There is the basic data about members as well as about the Congress.

We hope that we have the pages fully operative from the beginning of June and can use that also as an information channel. The previous pages are in the private use of the ISA member Lithuanian Bath Academy.

The Saunaletters are also on this new page.

Finally we would like to wish  You a nice start of the summer. And please check that you have been paying the membership fee so that you get all the information about the Congress!

Risto Elomaa
International Sauna Association

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