Saunaletter 3-2017

Dear ISA  members and other saunalovers

  1. XVII International Sauna Congress

The dates are June 7th – 9th 2018 . The more detailed program as well as the call for papers is coming out from  the Swedish Bastuakademien in April.

If you have proposals  about presentations , sauna tours, workshops  etc. please send them to Svante Spolander or me. Svante´s e-mail is Svante Spolander.

It seems that we are having again an interesting Congress about different sauna related subjects like before. Based on the preliminary interest we do expect around 200 visitors from more than 20 countries.

The new results about sauna and health are going to be some of the main topics this time. We also cover some wellness subjects because the wellness people have finally included sauna to their programs.

  1. Sauna events etc.

Our friends in Denmark told that there is something happening in the spring. Please check their page

The Nordic Sauna Day is the second Saturday of June. This year it means big celebrations especially in Finland because of the 100 Anniversary of the Independence of Finland as well as 80 Anniversary of the Finnish Sauna Society which is one of the founding members of ISA.

The Traveling sauna in USA is travelling and the trip has been successful for the sauna and sauna culture until now. Many sauna events has been organized with this good wood fired sauna wagon starting it´s trip from Minnesota.  You can find also the ISA – logo as well as the logo of ISA member in USA , North American Sauna Society. This traveling sauna has been activating the local sauna societies  like the Sauna Society 612 . You can see more from here including also the short videos from different stops.

In Finland this Suomi 100 celebration brings also several Sauna events which could be interesting for You if You happen to be in  Finland. The Finnish Sauna Festival is happening in Helsinki , Turku and Jyväskylä. There You can try many saunas, eat Finnish local food as well as drink local beer. And together with that some music.

The central Finland was announcing that they are the Sauna country of the world. It is quite a lot said but they try now to fulfill the announcement by organizing a sauna week in July in central Finland.

Please note that the Smoke Sauna Village is in this region and there is the first smoke sauna open on Thursday 6th of July 2017. Several people have been asking about visiting option there.

Finnish Sauna is also present in Germany and showing widely the different sauna tourism options including a special Midsummer celebration at the Embassy in Berlin  June 21st.

In May in St. Petersburg there is also a sauna event with a presentation about Finnish sauna tourism as well as equipment etc. That event is organized by the Suomi House in St. Petersburg and Finnish companies like Harvia , Helo and Narvi. More information later. We plan also a trip to St. Petersburg to visit saunas there during August. More about that also later but the trip is open also for foreigners.

  1. Japan Sauna Day

This was happening in the Finland Village near Nagano March 5th. Some 125 people were accepting the invitation to be able to enjoy the good suanas in the village.   Besides normal bathing there was also a special training how to make sauna hats. See some pictures here.

  1. And German Sauna Day

This is again happening 24th of September and gaining a lot of interest in advance. Sauna Bund people do know more and do send more information also later.

  1. Expo in China

The  Asian “Interbad” is happening again  in May in Guangzhou. You have been receiving detailed information earlier. If You need still some information please contact our member Jacob Kong , e-mail .

They expect there something new from the wellness industry .

  1. Facebook of ISA

We have opened facebook page with the help of Kim Pedersen this page for quick information when we wait the renovation of the web pages.

  1. Some interesting saunas

This article in the Guardian is talking about some modern saunas e.g. in Sweden and UK presented in the London Design Festival.

Helsinki 31.03.2017

Risto Elomaa
International Sauna Association

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