Saunaletter 2-2020

Dear ISA members and other saunalovers

Time is passing and spring is coming soon. There has been a very special winter in southern Finland. No snow at all. And in the north a lot of snow and very cold.

And a good year for Northern Lights. Must come many boy babies.

ISA is having the next Board Meeting in Wien 25th of April. If You have something You want  that the Board is discussing about please let me know before End of March by sending me or some other Baord Member an e-mail.

One of our subjects there is the development of the CEN TC 136/WG6  about   “the Spa and wellness centres for public use” standardisation work and especially about public saunas. The next meeting about that subject is in the beginning of April in  Düsseldorf ,Germany. Besides several ISA members being directly a member in the group also ISA is a LIason Member and so also being able to affect to the work.

As a special comment we have to notice that the standardisation was started by Sweden and Finland is not at all involved directly even though the work is about sauna.

We as ISA try to make sure that the specification of sauna agreed in the International Sauna Congress in Aachen Germany 1999 is going to be part of the standard and so also making a clear difference between sauna and infra red cabins.

Past  Sauna events

The Lithuanian Bath Academy  LBA was organising a conference about whisking in Kaunas in the beginning of December. Some 50 people from 12 countries were participating this well organised event.

It seems that there is more and more interets in whisking . ISA is trying to make sure to support this development in the best possible way.

This does also require propably in the future some cerification arrangements so that people having passing accepted training courses can do also whisking themselves and even arrange training courses.

Here LBA and their specialists are in the front line.

Coming Sauna events

Helsinki Sauna Day

This event is happening again and this time also saunas in other countries are included.

The Day is Saturday 14th of March.

Information here:


The Finland Sauna Day is every year the second Saturday of June.

There are many sauna events in different parts of Finland.

We publish more material when it is available later.

SMOKE SAUNAS  in JÄMSÄ Sauna village Smoke saunas  are open in the summer in the SMOKE SAUNA VILLAGE in Jämsä Finland

The Smoke Sauna Village is again open in the summer on Saturdays and few smoke saunas are heated every time.

One special Day is the Sauna Day which is the second Saturday of June which in 2020 is June 13th.

Also during the CentralFinland Sauna week in July there are more days when the smoke saunas are heated.

If You plan to be in the region when the saunas are heated please visit the village and the saunas. The place is interesting and You can see some of the original

Finnish Sauna history.

It is also possible to book separte saunas and presentations against a fee. You can be in contact with the Suomen Saunakulttuuri ry association , e-mail .

SAUNAFANS SAUNANACHT 6 am 21.03.2020 in Germany

in der Birkensauna in Haan, Anlage ist mit Bildern auf der ersten Seite der unten zu sehen

Für unsere registrierten Mitglieder gilt:

25 EUR Eintritt pro Person + pro Partner


55 EUR Eintritt inklusive ALLyouCANeat pro Person + pro Partner

Show – Aufguss World Championship  2020 September 07. – 13.   in Poland


Final 2020

Pałac Saturna see:

And about the competition see:

And about the local national chanpionships before the WC please visit the web pages of the national sauna societies.


The Herbal Cup is not happening in the spring but it is the  SAUNAFEST.

And we would like to inform at the same time the change of the time of the Saunafest.

The new time is April 23. – 26.2020  at Aquapalace in Prag.




Sauna training290 13 90

Lithuanian Bath Academy has an extensive  training program.

Here some of those.

 Introduction to whisking ( Level1)   26.05.2020


Kernavė, Širvintų district, Lithuania

Lithuanian and Baltic sauna traditions incorporate steam, leaf whisking and various natural bathing practices.

Sauna plants: whisks, mythology and rituals    28.05.2020


Intensive course of different plants and whisks in Lithuanian traditional bath. For international students.

Family bath master. Clasical whisking and home SPA (Level 2)  30.05.2020


Melkys vil. Pikeliškių county, Vilnius


Your leaders to the world of healthy pirtis will be international bath instructors and Lithuanian bath masters:

Birutė Masiliauskienė (introduction and plants) , and Rimas Kavaliauskas (whisking),


There is also a Lithuanian TV channel showing regularly programs about sauna and sauna related matters. Here is one program FYI:

This Vantos Lapas is organising a group trip to Finland in the beginning of March and visiting some of the most interesting saunas here. And also informing us about whisking.

German SaunaBund / SaunaMatti GmbH

They have maybe the widest training programs in the sauna wrold

You can find more here:

They were e.g. having the first training course about  Aufguss in Japan in November with the focus on Show-Aufguss. There was a great interest in Japan and more than 30 people were participating this training that was the first opening  for SaunaBund in Japan.

Please read the material from the web page:

interbad  is again in October in Stutgart

Visions for water worlds

Creative design, state-of-the-art technology, premium quality and groundbreaking trends around pools, saunas, spas and wellness combined at one event – thats`s interbad.

As mentioned before this year 2020  is the year for Interbad. It is happening as usual in Stuttgart end of October. More from the website and also from the next Saunaletters.

WORLD SAUNA FORUM 2020  In Finland

Welcome to World Sauna Forum 2020


The biggest training and networking event of the Finnish sauna field gathers together sauna and wellbeing companies and professionals from all over the world to discuss about collaborations and trends of the businesses. The interesting programme offers something for everyone from sauna service providers to manufacturers of sauna products and equipment.

If you’re looking for partners, retailers, buyers, or someone who could build your sauna, World Sauna Forum is the place to be.

World Sauna Forum is organized in beautiful Tampere, the Sauna Capital of the World, on 24-25 of September, 2020.

Come and take part to the No. 1 business event of sauna!

There are certainly many other events also. We try to list them but please help us by sending the material to us in advance.

Wishing You nice saunas  even if we see now that several events are cancelled or are going to be cancelled because of the virus problem.

Maybe sauna could be even a treatment for this too. As we here in Finland say: If alcohol , tar and sauna does not help , the disease is fatal.

So please use the good saunas where ever You find one.


Helsinki March 2nd 2020

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