Dear ISA members and other saunalovers

Spring is coming finally even here in the Northern Europe . And there has been many happenings and sauna events during this winter.

But there are even more coming in the future as You can see e.g. from this Saunaletter where we have been listing some of the events.

ISA is having the Board Meeting in Norway 29.04. and is there both accepting several new national and supporting members as well as is formulating the future of ISA.

There is also a clera need to introduce the members to each other but also to the sauna world.

ISA is much bigger than few years ago . This means also different type of members which do have different needs. That is why we have to discuss about possible new ideas so that we can support SAUNA and sauna culture but also make sure
that our members do get their different needs and ideas onto the agenda of ISA.

Also we do discuss there about the next International Sauna Congress in 2022.

Finnish Sauna Culture application to UNESCO

Finland has been sending an application to UNESCO in order to get the Finnish Sauna culture to the list of Intangible Heritage of Mannkind . The decision making is happening at UNESCO late 2020.

As You propably remmebre the Estonian Smoke Sauna culture has been listed few years ago and this has been imrpoving the situation of the smoke sauna in Estonia and is safeguarding that culture for the future.

British Sauna Society made a short film with schoolkids about sauna

Central – Finland Sauna Region Sauna week

Please read the attached pdf above.

Two saunas which were accepted to the best architecture list in 2018 in Finland
Especially the smoke sauna here is very interesting and excellent design.

Sauna, sweating and medical research
Some new material. Please read.–A-Medical-Research-Update.html?soid=1109315887453&aid=1zo71A_i7S0&fbclid=IwAR3lf4k3pt8AR8hbEVTnO__3SWiCThx5M3d6ZwS0to51xjuMSI5PONxOlTQ

Smoke sauna symphony in Estonia

Suitsusaunasümfoonia kutsub kogukonda kaasa lööma

What is happiness … living in the Northern European countries ( with sauna )

Happiness Is…Living in a Northern European Nation

Ancient sauna in Guatemala


PRESS RELEASE Sauna Region Week of Central Finland goes global


Hoping that You all find good saunas to enjoy!


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