Saunaletter 2-2017

Dear ISA Members and other saunapeople

New Year has started with a lot of new activities. They  are partly related to the  100 Years Anniversary of Finland. In many countries the Finnish Embassies as well as other organisations are having sauna-related events.

The Traveling Sauna in USA has been now traveling over one month and the publicity has been very good. You can follow that tour from the website

You can see also on the website the logo of our North American Member meaning North American Sauna Society as well as the logo of ISA .

There is also quite a big operation organised by the Finnish organisation Visit Finland in Germany. The mobile sauna is traveling in Germany and is visiting some 30 places where they promote Finland as a destination but especially as a destination for sauna tourism.

Besides these Visit Finland has been also publishing material in different languages about Finland as a destination  including also sauna. There is the material available also in Chinese , Korean and Japanese. Please visit the pages.


The final  decision was to give the Congress to Bastuakademien in Sweden. The place is going to be in the Northest part of Sweden in the city Haparanda which has a twin city on the Finnish side called Tornio. One can play e.g. golf between two countries and cross the boarder three times during one reound.

The NORDIC SAUNA DAY is June 10th 2018 and the Congress is before that so that the visitors can also join the festivities of the Sauna Day.

There is coming more detailed information in the near future , but please consider if You have something to present in the Congress from your country/ sauna culture/manufacturing, sauna tourism , market situation etc. etc.

Bastuakademien is sending out the inquiries for proposals . The interesting thing is that we have  got some proposals already now .

One thing is clear that the interest in Health and Sauna is very high and brings many presentations. Also those people from different parts of the world would like to come and meet each other. There is even a possibility that one section of the Congress is going to be dedicated to  Sauna research .

There are several different Sauna Days in different countries. The next one is in Japan on 5th of March . The main event is in the Finland Village near Nagano which is slowly becoming the center of Sauna and Sauna culture. More on their web page which is in Japanese.

The Helsinki Sauna Day is 11th of March and means that many private saunas are open for visitors . This now the third time and it is expected  over 3000 visitors.

The Nordic Sauna Day which has been there some 30 years is on the second Saturday of June. In Finland we have on that day something special because of this 100 Years Anniversary.  Anyway that something special is related to Sauna in the heart of Helsinki.

There is also happening outside of Helsinki. The Central – Finland is organising a Sauna Week in the beginning of July.The program is enclosed.

Please note that on the 6th of July there is an option to try the first reconstructed smoke sauna in the Smoke Sauna Village in Jämsä. As You know the Muurame Sauna Village had to me moved to a new place and that is what is happening now. The organisation  Suomen Saunakulttuuri is doing this and thefirst saunas have been moved during the winter.

There is going to be aspecial Saunaletter about the Smoke sauna and especially about the Smoke Sauna Village.

In Germany the Sauna Day – Tag der Sauna  is 24th of September


AQUA SALON IN MOSCOW 23. – 26.03.2017

More information from the web page

The Russian sauna business is growing and we hope that we could get few people to our Congress from Russia to tell us what is happening there. We do plan also one or two trips in 2017 to Russia together with the Finnish Sauna


If You want to learn more about Russian sauna ( banyas) please read the book : “With Light Steam “ By Bryon Mac Williams , ISBN 978-0-87580-708-9. In Russian there are many books  but this is in English.


You have received separate mailing concerning this exhibition that is organized by you members in China. In case you still need some data please contact Jacob Kong. If You need an invitation letter for the Chinese visa also there Jacob can help You.

The next Saunaletter is coming out  End of March . If you have something you would like to distribute pleasae send it to me well in advance. This is the way to distribute material as long as we do not have the web page operating. There is work going on and we hope that we can have at least a Facebook – page operating before summer.

Wishing You all  very ecxiting sauna experiences.

Risto Elomaa
International Sauna Association







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