Now the XVII Congress in Sweden is over and here you can read a summary made by Hanna Hägglund.



See photos and movies from the Congress here


This is what Spa business writes about the International Sauna Congress


Read what the Japanese wrote after the Congress


At least the pictures are in the right language.


See the movie here

The final decision was to give the Congress to Bastuakademien in Sweden (Click here to see more in Swedish Sauna Academy). The place is going to be in the Northest part of Sweden in the city Haparanda which has a twin city on the Finnish side called Tornio. One can play e.g. golf between two countries and cross
the boarder three times  during one reound.

The NORDIC SAUNA DAY is June 9 th 2018 and the Congress is (June 8-10) before that so that the visitors can also join the festivities of the Sauna Day.
There is coming more detailed information

in the near future , but please consider if You have something to present in the Congress from your country/

sauna culture/manufacturing, sauna tourism , market situation etc. etc. Bastuakademien is sending out the

inquiries for proposals . The interesting thing is that we have got some proposals already now .
One thing is clear that the interest in Health and Sauna is very high and brings many presentations. Also those people from different parts of the world would like to come and meet each other. There is even a possibility that one section of the Congress is going to be dedicated to Sauna research .

More information and Newsletter on the Swedish Sauna Academy website and their Facebook page.

or read more on the ISA World Congress page

Here you can read new Newsletters every month that the Swedish Sauna Academy has begun writing all the way to the great XVII International Sauna Congress 2018 which will take place in Haparanda/Torneå between June 7th to June 10th, 2018.
Read more here.









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