Sauna goes global

0.45-12.15, Hall B


  • Bath culture organizations
  • Sauna marketing
  • Challenges for sauna identity
  • Championships and competitions
  • Public events, exhibitions
  • Sauna in virtual space: iBath, e-sauna
  • Questions and answers

Moderator: Risto Elomaa 


1. Bania culture in Belarus

Henazi Moroz, Belarus

Review of bania movment in Belarus.  (Webtranslation.)

2. Sauna steaming/whisking competitions

 Michael B. Jensen, Denmark

History. Problems. Solutions. Who & how. (5 minutes)

3. Whisking championships

Birutė Masiliauskienė, Lithuania

Short pre-history of whisking competitions, “quantity competitions” vs “quality competitions”. Review of Lithuanian whisking championships: evolution of the fomat and criterias. What effect did it have on quality of whisking and whisking technique? Whisking competitions as a tool of healthy sauna popularization.

4. Sauna in discource of Japan cartoon communication: broadcasting sauna messages to youngsters

Mr. Tanaka Katsuki , Japan

Tanaka Katsuki is a manga artist/videographer. Recently he is famous for the manga essay “Sado” (Sauna Way)based on the topic of saunas and as the inventor of “Cup no Fuchiko.”  (20 minutes)

5. Lithuanian “Pirtis day” – the birth of excellent traditions

Juozas Šarkus, Lithuania

Mass Bath Days are held in Lithuania, Rumšiškės for the fifth year in a row, their goal is to spread the culture of healthy bath. It is the biggest bath culture event in the whole of Eastern Europe. Visitors of this bath festival can try out different baths, various procedures of whisking, massages, scrub and facial masks from natural products. During the festival, conferences are held where scientific reports and practical information are presented, including presentations by famous bathers on the traditions of Lithuanian bath and other countries’ baths, bathhouse architecture and construction, bath heaters, bath heating, bath procedures and their effect on health. A fair is held for the visitor convenience – you can buy bath, massage, beauty and health items there. Bath Day is a celebration, inviting everyone to take care of the cleanliness and health of their body and soul, and upholding healthy bath traditions.

6. Sauna Bathing Language and Meaning across Cultures

Josee-Ann Cloutier, Canada

A sauna bathing dictionary is currently being developed for to bring forth cultural perspectives, understanding and clarity among the various languages expressing sauna bathing terminologies and meanings. Language and meaning is also evolving and transforming due to globalization and increased commercialization. Therefore, it is important to present genuine and clear definitions to protect the traditions and understanding in this fast changing world. The beginnings of this work will be presented with terms defined, placing them on a global map, while inviting input and collaboration.

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