Return of the Bathwhisk

9.00-10.30 , Hall A


  • Why do we whisk?
  • Conditions for healthy whisking
  • Whisking forms and techniques
  • Requirements for whisking hotroom
  • Perspectives of whisking
  • Questions and answers

Moderator: Rimas Kavaliauskas 


1. Bath procedures as body modeling and renewal method

Svetlana Serebrova, Russia

Bath procedures as an effective anti-celulite treatment. Steps and parts of the programm. Special anti-celulite whisking: why, what, how? Effect and practical recomendations.

2. Whisking for muscles relaxation

Vasily Lyahov, Russia

3. Lithuanian Bathwhisks

Giedrius Gervys, Lithuania

4. Whisking classification

Ernesta Bajorinienė, Lithuania

Five different types of whisking should be introduced into bath vocabulary. According the duration, number of turns, amount of steam, intensity, technical elements, contrast, whisking can fall into classical whisking, extreme, relaxating, rehabilitative and energetic whisking. Various methods of whisking would enrich the list of bath treatments in SPA menu. The classification and definitions of whisking would be useful for both, participants of whisking competitions and judges as well.

5. Bathwhisks in Latvian pirts

Richard Batarags, Latvia

Wide selection of bathwhisk in Latvian pirts.

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