Presentations 2014

List of Congresss presentations.

May 30

  1. 10:30-11:00 
    Reflections of Baltic/Lithuanian pirtis evolution during historical time

Paulius Klapatauskas, Lithuania

Evolution of pirtis in architectural, archaeological, an verbal heritage since XIV century until now. Practical and spiritual worldview and pirtis. Ethnic heritage – bathwhisks.

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  1. 11:00-11.30 
    Whisking as touchtherapy

Rimas Kavaliauskas, Lithuania

What is whisking? Conditions for good whisking. Physical and emotional benefits of whisking.  Behavioural patterns in whisking.

  1. 11.30-12:00 
    Is bath healthy? Heating and sweat-inducing procedures in a bath

Vladimir Liachov, Russia

Bath is often said to improve health, to youthen. However, sometimes a person might feel bad in a bath, might lose consciousness or even die. So a question comes to mind: is bath healthy or harmful?

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  1. 12:00-12.30 
    Bath aromatherapy: 4 key essential oil synergy blends, analysis of the research on their effect

Laime Kiškūnė, Nomeda Jucevičienė,  Lithuania

In 2011 “Kvapų namai” in cooperation with “Pirties akademija” created aromatherapy essential oil blends for 4 stages of the bath process: the Breathing Improvement, Sweat Inducing, Toxin Cleaning and Tonic. The popularity of these blends encouraged us to carry out a detailed survey. In this report we will present the principles of these blends’ synergy and summarize the results of the survey.

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  1. 12.30-13.00 
    Successful organization and development of the bath business

Vitalij Milga, Ukraine

Selecting a location for the bath business. Organizing the bath business, attracting the bath fans. Bath maintenance. Whisking and its variety. Bath during the summer time.

Short abstract

  1. 14:00-14.30
    The Finnish Sauna of Today – Perspectives of current Habits, Trends and Sauna related Business

Jussi Niemelä, Finland

The presentation is providing a viewpoint to the current standing of the Finnish Sauna from a perspective of everyday habits of households amongst 5.5 million Finns with their 3+ million saunas. Also, current trends and phenomenon are discussed including topics like status of public Sauna baths and Sauna related associations nation-wide. An outlook to Sauna related businesses is presented as well.


  1. 14:30-15:00 
    Austrian Standard and laws concerning the manufacture and operation of public Sauna

Peter Jeitler, Austria

Planning and operation of saunas and Infrared/sauna combined. Scope of application. Normativee references. Terms / Definitions. Configuration of a sauna complex. Requirements for Saunas and „Softsaunas“. Materials. Cool-down facilities. Attendant facilities. Operations management.

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  1. 15.00-15.30 
    The Sauna and Sports Medicine

Mark Timmerman, M.D., USA

Discussion of the use of the sauna by athletes, including physiologic, psychologic, and cardiovascular effects.

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  1. 15:30-16:00 
    Ceremony and Sauna: Bridging Cultural Paradigms

Sauli SiekinnenBradley Blalock,  Finland

There is a metaphorical relationship to nature and the elements we wish to highlight and reclaim as a commonality with Finnish Sauna and Native American Sweatlodge Ceremony.

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  1. 16:00-16:30 
    Sauna and health

Hans Hägglund, Sweden

In a retrospective litterature study between 1966-2009, we searched in the database PubMed and identified 314 medical articles in English. The aim of the study was to summarize benefits and risk of sauna bathing. We searched for evidence if sauna bathing should be recommended or not in children, during pregnancy, in fertile men and in different diseases or in combination with medical treatment.

Presentation abstract and slides

  1. 16:30-17:00 
    Wellness. Luxury or pure necessity?

Herman Borglevens, Belgium

There is a growth of the combination wellness – vacation. Expectations of customers. Why combining tourism with wellness? What should be done about the elderly people, who travel outside the main season? Wellness as relaxation in a hotel. The spa today / tomorrow.

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