List of Board Members

The Board members  from 01.01.2019  are.

Mr. Risto Elomaa    Risto Elomaa
Finnsih Sauna Society , Finland   , President

Peter  Jeitler             
Sauna Forum , Austria ,Vice President

Rolf A. Pieper                SaunaBund , Germany , Member

Carsten Sonneberg   SaunaBund , Germany , Member

Piotr Koper                    Polish Sauna Society ,  Member

Jussi Niemelä               Finnish Sauna  Society , Member

Kim Pedersen              Denish Sauna Society , Member

Kenseki Kim                Japan Sauna Association,  Member

Lars Eriksen                  Norwegian Sauna Society ,  Member

General Meeting of ISA decided that TimoTuokko as ISA auditor will continue and has been accepting that.

Board had been nominating Kari Laukkarinen as the secretay of ISA.



The GM was held together with the International Sauna Congress as usual.

Besides the Board Members we had in the meeting the following national members: Sweden , Finland , Denmark , Great Britain and Australia meaning totally 11 national members.

The agenda had been sent in due time and no comments were received. The meeting was appointing Kari Laukkarinen as the secretary.

The finance report was showing that the profit in 2017 was 2029  euros but the accounts have not yet been audited. Cash in bank in the end of 2017 7000 euros.

The discussion about membership fees continued also in the GM. Finally the meeting approved the increase of all fees with 10 % starting from 2019.

The meeting was noting also the changes in Norway where a new organization has been established and also approved as the members of ISA.

GM decided to elect to the new Board 8 members and the President. The term is 2019 – 2022.

There was not much time for the discussions concerning the action plan as well as future plans for ISA . The President had been preparing a draft and that was distributed together with the meeting material.

Hand Hägglund from Swedish Sauna Academy gave a short presentation about the Congress as well as Swedish Sauna Academy.

The meeting was closed 18.03









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