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This is what this Japanese newsletter ”SAUNA SPA” wrote after the congress

Report of the 17th International Sauna Conference Visit

Hosted by the International Sauna Association (ISA), held once every four years
“International Sauna Conference” will be. The 17th meeting was held on June 8,
On the 9th, both the Swedish · Haparanda and the neighbor It was held in Norrland · Tornio.
Both cities in different countries, It is called the twin cities, and in the economic and tourism markets
King and share various public facilities. Beyond the border Keeping a unique relationship of working on town planning There. The host of this meeting is the Swedish Sauna Acadamy
, The venue is in both cities, 220 participants in 24 countries, Beautiful scenery goes back and forth between twin cities spreading along the river While spending a fulfilling number of days.
From Japan, Mr. Yukinobu Yoneda’s Managing Director 19 delegates who made a long (see photo) Participated.

Participants (Yukitaka Yoneda, Tanaka Katsuki, Ken Kōsho,
Atsushi Yoneda, Yutaka Matsumura, Seiichi Ijigasaki, Makio Nakayama,
Atsushi Kagawa, Katsuhiro Nakano, Makoto Wakayama, Mitsuumi Momatsu,
Morikawa Masahiro, Tsumura Hirohiko, Honda Shin-ichi, Judaigun,
Takahashi Hitohiko, Aoba Noriki, Tokai Mori Miki, Wakabayashi Mikio
Above / honorific name of about 19)


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Report of the 17 th International Sauna Conference

Enjoy study, inspection · experience and “Sa Travel”
On 6th June, we will transfer the plane to the airport near the venue
After a long trip of about 15 hours at the end of the night, sweeping across the border
I reached the hotel of Den Haparanda.
The next day I will pass the Arctic Circle and go 100 km north to Saco
Optional experience tour to Jarvi’s smoked sauna Participate in.
Burning firewood for six hours from early in the morning, Saw Impressed to welcome us by heating nastones While doing so, the five old Old Smokesa I experienced UNA.

At the board meeting held this afternoon, Mr. Kei Kaneki
It was elected to things. In the evening, at the river side Welka Muperty was held,

The rich living of Northern Europé I can not see a glimpse of it.

The meeting place is fin Land Tornio’s Par In other words, it will be a wonderful atmosphere, the lecture will end Sometimes the hall was wrapped in big applause.

In the evening of this day, in conjunction with the final party ISA A commemorative party of the 60th anniversary of the founding was held. From each country Exchanging gifts for gifts and losing parting

I decided to reunion four years later and opened. In Helsinki in the latter half of the tour we visited new facilities.

Two years ago as a sauna facility connecting tourists and locals Finished “Rouulu”. The sauna near the cathedral the next day Visit the shop, and from the afternoon take a boat for about 20 minutes long

Body your sauna completed one year ago by extending your legs to Na Island Experiment. On the day of returning home, the Finnish sauna association operates Smoked in Sauna Seera

Missed the separation with sauna, Taking the sauna until the end. Big It was a satisfying “Sa Travel”.

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