General ISA Meeting 2014

The next General Meeting of the Members of the International Sauna Association is together with the XVI Sauna Congress in Vilnius , Lithuania on Thursday 29th of May 2014 starting at 17.00 .

The place is at the Residence of the Finnish Embassy in Vilnius just before the Get together reception at the Embassy. There is going to be a transportation from hotel Trasalis and back. The agenda is according to the bylaws is also enclosed. Hoping that as many members as possible are present in Vilnius.

Agenda of the meeting

1. The duties of the meeting of members are:
a. Receipt of the finance and cash report and preparation of the budget
b. Formal approval of the actions of the executive board
c. Election of the executive board, especially the president and the vice-president, and of the auditor with a period of office of four years until year end .Re-election is allowed
d. Determination of the membership dues
e. Changes of the Bylaws
f. Decision about proposals made
g. Decision about items explicitly mentioned in the Bylaws
2. All proposals to be dealt with at the meeting of members must be available to the executive board in writing not later than six weeks before the date of the meeting.

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