Austrian standards and laws

concerning the manufacture and operation of public saunas.

Short abstract

Public and commercial Saunas are subject to: Bath Hygiene Law – BHygG vom 06.05.1976 (Bath Hygiene Regulation – BhygV 2012)

Scope of Application ad valid for Operating approval „ÖNORM M6219-1“

1st issue: 01.02.1984
2nd issue: 01.02.1998
3rd issue:01.03.2010

Planning and operation of saunas and Infrared/sauna combined
1. Scope of application

  • Sauna area
  • Cool down area
  • Attendant facilities

2. Normative references
Cross references to other norms which are partly valid for the ÖNORM M6219-1 as well
3. Terms / Definitions

  • Saunabath
  • Sauna- Cabin
  • „Softsauna“

4. Configuration of a sauna complex

  • Floor plan
  • Room allocation plan

5. Requirements for Saunas and „Softsaunas“


Sauna door

Wall- and ceiling construction (thermally insulated)

  • – Indoor sauna
  • – outdoor sauna

Wall- and ceiling construction (solid wood)

  • Indoor sauna
  • outdoor sauna





  • Electric sauna heater
  • Other heaters
  • Humidification systems for „Softsaunas“
  • Lighting
  • Safety switch

6. Materials
General information about wood and Sauna – Ply

Types of woods

  • Solid wood
  • Sauna – Ply
  • Heat treated wood

Interior woods

Other materials

7. Cool-down facilities
Cold water area

8. Attendant facilities
Locker room
Sanitary installations
Outdoor area
Relaxation rooms

9. Operations management
Initial operation
Cleaning and disinfection

Austrian sauna standard

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